Welcome to AnemOS GNU/Linux!

AnemOS GNU/Linux is a Linux distribution based on Debian Stable.
It's built using the well-known live-tools, the same tools the official Debian live images are built with!
AnemOS tries to provide a "Windows-like" environment while still being lightweight and user friendly.
It uses the lightweight XFCE desktop environment along with carefully selected apps for the fastest experience possible.

Association with the Debian Project

While anemOS is built with the exact same tools that are used to build the official Debian live images, the Debian project is not associated in any way with anemOS GNU/Linux.
AnemOS is yet another Debian respin, no custom packages are used or built from source.
Everything included in the .iso (except the theme & icons of course) can be found on the official Debian repositories.
This means don't expect "official" support from Debian developers and/or its community.
While anemOS is basically a preconfigured Debian system ,bugs may occur from the pre-configurations I included. If you ever make a bug-report at Debian project, I suggest noting that you are using my respin and not the official Debian images.

Thanks & Credits

Thanks to all my friends who provided some test machines to install the .iso on, to make sure everything works as it should.
Credits to @Elbullazul for his great Windows 10 GTK & Icon theme and for fixing the Win7 theme.
Also thanks to the developers of all GTK & icon themes included with anemOS. You are awesome! Special thanks to Debian developers for the amazing distro and tools they provide the world with for free.